I have purposed to write. I am a Bible believing Christian and I am mentally ill.  There are so many people who are mentally ill and we are not accepted in most places, including churches.  That should not be.  Even so, it is.  In this blog, I will openly share my struggles with my illness, my faith and my life.  I will write about what I know and what I question.  I will write about who I am, how the church is functioning (or not functioning) and how society deals with us, both Christians and the mentally ill. In addition, I am also a mother, a grandmother and a dog lover.  I firmly believe that God  gave us dogs to teach us how to love unconditionally.  Not that I have mastered that yet, but I am trying.  So, for now, let us pray.  Jesus, please help me to be honest, open, Truthful, factual and helpful in here.  Let me expose the darkness by covering it with light.  Let this blog be found by those who can benefit from it and be hidden from those who would use it to cause pain to anyone.  I ask that your Holy Spirit, who teaches your children, be with anyone reading this blog at anytime.  Amen.